Office of Fellowship Advising

Today I went to a presentation about different outside scholarships for graduates in research and further education. There were a few scholarships for undergraduate students, but more of them were geared towards students graduating from Lehigh. Many of these scholarships are global and are highly prized like the Fulbright, Churchill, and Marshall Scholarships. The goal of this presentation was to get students exposed to these different opportunities and to exhibit the resources available to students looking to apply to these scholarships. The Office of Fellowship offers one on one guidance sessions to really determine, which scholarship is the best fit for you. They also help you to develop the application materials like the personal statement, research proposals, and resumes. They also will help you prepare for the scholarship interview and coordinate with faculty recommenders. Many Lehigh students have already won these scholarships and the office does a great job of helping you apply

A brief overview of the scholarships they support are listed below:

Gilman Scholarship – For students receiving Pell Grants that have limited financial means to study abroad or intern abroad. The award can be from $5,000 to $8,000.

Critical Language Scholarship – This is for students looking to learn a language. It must be one of the 10 critical languages and the student would be abroad for 8 to 10 weeks studying that language.

Boren Scholarship – This scholarship is for students to study a language that is less popular, but critical to the Unites States. This scholarship requires that you work for the government for one year after you finish your studies of the language typically in US intelligence.

Goldwater Scholarship – For students seeking a career in research.

Churchill Scholarship – For student looking to study at the University of Cambridge and must have at least a GPA of 3.98.

Rhodes Scholarship – Masters and PhD scholarship at Oxford University.

Gates Scholarship – For students looking to study at the University of Cambridge. It is a very prestigious award.

These are just a few of the many that were discussed. For more information visit their website and feel free do some research on your own. All I know is that these are great opportunities. Personally, I am thinking of what I would like to do during my gap year before medical school and this could definitely be an option.




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