MCAT Studying

This summer is when I officially decided to take my MCAT, and like any highly driven person I have done countless research on the best way to study. I have also asked people who have taken the exam recently what they thought worked best and what prepared them the most for the exam. A lot of what I am hearing from other students is that they wished they had taken more practice exams and done more questions. Most people focused on knowing a lot about the material, but they think that questions would have been the best route. This has led me to incorporate 5 additional practice exams into my original plan and I decided to purchase the question package from AAMC. I was originally just going to buy the two practice exams that they offer, but it makes more sense to also do the questions becasue the AAMC materials are the most like what is on the actual Exam.

Other material I purchased included the full set of the Berkeley Review Books and a friend sent me the Princeton Review Psychology and Sociology Sections becasue they have better questions in those books compared to the Berkeley Review set. I also plan on buying either the Kaplan Practice Exams or the Next Step Practice exams. I may do am mix of both to cover my bases, but these are usually harder than the actual exam so I will save them for the beginning of my studies and keep the AAMC for the last three I do before the actual exam. This will boost my confidence and get me primed to take the exam.

Additionally, I have heard from other students that the Critical Reading aspect is really difficult and should not be taken lightly. So I have added that into my very in-depth studying period compared to my more review period. I will also be focusing on Psychology and Sociology becasue I have not had those classes in awhile and they are a huge portion of the new MCAT exam. I am also taking an online Biochemistry class over the summer so all of that information will be really fresh in my mind for the exam.

Also my breakdown of studying looks a lot like the plan on the Student Doctors Network so be sure to check out this page. I used a lot of the advice that he mentions in his post, and it is a good basis for figuring out how to cover all of the information.




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