Online Classes

This year I realized that I needed to take more classes over the summer in order to graduate on time and not end up overloading every semester. I was really sad to have to stay over the summer not becasue I don’t love Lehigh, but summer for me is a time to spend with my family. I also really love Boston and miss it when I am gone. The great thing is though the class I needed to take to cover the bioethics and humanities requirements for my degree is now being offered online as a Religious course. The course is Bioethics and the Law and it will provide insight into the American Justice system and will cover topics like “the right to die”. This is a very controversial especially since many doctors sign a document stating that they will not aid in the killing of people, which is why including doctors in the death penalty is so controversial. Even now with DNRs or Do not resuscitate documents doctors tend to try to air on the safer side and most of the time by the time a person realizes they want one they are not deemed mentally capable of making the decision. Then the family steps in and they do not want to be the ones to make the decision either. From my time shadowing in the hospital I realize how complicated this process really is, and how sad it is to watch.

I am really excited to take this course and I am even more excited that I can go home to enjoy my family and my city! I am also very interested to see the platform that Lehigh uses to teach the online classes. I took one online class in High School that was a music understanding course. Taking the course online is what allowed me to take a lot of AP classes during my Senior Year. I really enjoyed the class and did not find it difficult to get the work done on time. All I know is that I will need to set time aside during the summer to stay on track with the course. I am excited to fins new cafes and study spots! Wish me luck and happy earth day!


Me this summer!



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