Senior Year is Approaching

This morning I officially registered for my second to last semester and it is finally hitting me that I am going to graduate soon! It truly feels like I was just a freshmen yesterday. College feels shorter than high school, maybe it is the constant cycling of classes or the busy schedule, but I was ready to leave high school. I feel now there are so many unknowns after you graduate and now it is actually time to be a real adult. I wonder which transition is harder going to college or entering the work force. This is a time of so much uncertainty, but it is a bit exciting. This summer I am taking the MCAT, which will bring me one step closer to being in medical school! I feel like that aspect of my life is starting, but there is also so much uncertainty associated with that too. At Lehigh only about 56% of students who applied to medical school got in.

Sure these are just statistics, but it is something that I really need to think about and be aware of. Sure I am not worrying about getting a job, but my path is no more certain than other students. I know though that this is something that I really want and am going to put everything I have into achieving my goals. I think the same advice goes for students who are Seniors now and still don’t have a job. Keep looking and never lose sight of your dreams. Most of the mentors and leaders we look up to didn’t start off with their dream job. It truly is all about the journey.

I have had such an eye opening and amazing time at Lehigh. I will always appreciate the hills, the funny traditions, and the memories that I have made here. Just some reminiscing today, but next week there are a lot of great presenters coming to Lehigh so stay tuned and hear about the advances in biotechnology and working as a Doctor in New York.

My home! Class of 2018 will be out front next year!



2 thoughts on “Senior Year is Approaching

  1. Hi Chandler! I am first year in the biopharmaceutical track and in pre-med as well. I think it’s interesting how you mentioned that only 56% of students from Lehigh get into med school. Do you know any more statistics about how many students in the biopharmaceutical track get hired after graduation and how many pursue higher education?

    • Hi!
      So glad to have found another pre-med! I do not know the exact statistics, but I can look into it for you. I am sure that someone must know!

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