Lehigh Relay for Life

Extracurriculars are a huge part of the college experience, and graduate schools do look at what you have done in your spare time at college. I personally have been very rewarded by my experiences outside of classes in clubs. I have learned so much and really have been able to connect to the campus in a unique way. This past Friday I was a part of a huge event that is well known all over the the United States. This event is Relay for Life, and it truly has shaped who I am and where I am going in my life. I say that this is my 7th year participating in Relay, but when I was younger and my mother was a school teacher at a high school I would always join in the relay with her. I loved hearing from the survivors because they always seemed so strong and wise. I loved walking until I couldn’t anymore and celebrating the life that I am so privileged to have. I kept all of this in mind this year as a I powered though a fever and just exhaustion to pull off an amazing event.

This year we raised $145, 000, which is the most we have ever raised! I was in charge of Team Development this year and it is a very tiresome yet rewarding position. You are in charge of the biggest part of Relay, which is recruiting teams and organizing team captains. I designed the layout for the event, and made sure all of the teams had a fundraiser and a basket to be raffled. Basically, I did it all this year and it was definitely a huge learning experience! I had to learn how to prioritize and communicate effectively. I had to be organized and patient. It was crazy becasue we had barely anyone signed up for Relay for Life and then we had $1,000 coming in every hour. It was great to watch as a whole University came together to support a cause, but to more importantly support each other.

If you are passionate about fighting cancer and supporting those in our community then I would definitely recommend joining Colleges Against Cancer at Lehigh, which is the group that puts on Relay for Life. It has been one of the best decisions I have made, and I know that I could talk about it for hours at a medical school interview.


Executive Board of Colleges Against Cancer


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