Capstone Project Midterm Presentations

As Spring Break approaches we enter a time of complete craziness as all of the professors try to fit in one more exam before the break. Additionally, in my Capstone design class it is time to present our findings and research to our sponsor and advisor in a midterm presentation. Currently, my team has compiled tons of information about platelets and how to run an efficient supply chain. We even talked to multiple “industry experts” to get an idea of the systems that they have put in place. This is all in preparation to begin coming up with a solution. So far I have learned a lot about working in groups and conducting professional meetings. Below I have listed what I have learned so far and what I hope to gain out of this experience. Enjoy!

What I have learned:

  1. How to write a brief/executive summary. In the real world at the end of the week you will most likely have to explain to your boss what you have been doing all week or you may need to convey information about a project that you are working on. I found it very helpful to begin practicing this becasue it is very different than typical email writing. For one it is structure in a way that includes an over view section as well as  next steps section. These really make you think about what you should be doing to be successful. (draft_brief4-docx )
  2. How to delegate. If you are like me you like to do everything your self becasue you believe that you can get it done faster in better. With this project however, i have had to realize that there is no way I can get this done on my own and I need to delegate. The thing is people will surprise you and they may do something way better than you could have. So my tip if you are a control freak like me is let someone else take the reins every once in awhile. It is actually a sign of great leadership skills.
  3. How industry works. What is really great about IPD is that you get to hear from different industry leaders, so you can learn about risks, regulations, patents, and even manufacturing. Lehigh has a lot of very talented faculty and I think the IPD lectures are a great way to pick up things you may never have heard of before and to meet professors you may never have as a professor.

What I hope to get out of this:

  1. Make a difference for my sponsor and truly solve their problem.
  2. Become a better communicator.
  3. Be able to add a capstone experience to my Resume.
  4. Become an honorary member of St. Luke’s…jk (I am just there all the time for the internship, for this project, and I work with them at Broughal on the weekends)

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