Capstone Project

All Bioengineering students must take a capstone project course along with Mechanical Engineers and Supply Chain majors. This class is split into two parts, one part is in the Spring of your Junior year and the second part is in the Fall of your Senior year. We each are tasked with a problem in industry that must be solved. Each group has an advisor, peer mentor and sponsor from the company. Each team also has a $1500 budget to go towards solving the problem. This past week we had a fair for all of the different projects. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but once I started talking to the different companies I became excited to start my project. To give you an idea the projects ranged from developing a pet selfie stick to creating a tool for surgeons to make it easier to remove the soft tissue in between the vertebrae of the spine. Personally, I was really interested in the project looking at the knee replacement materials and the asthma and allergy pollen database. We were not able to rank the projects, but had to select 6 of them at the end of the fair. My project is going to focus on the the blood inventory problem that St. Luke’s hospital has, which was not my first choice, but I am interested nonetheless. Currently, nationwide there is a blood shortage, and at St. Luke’s they would like us to look at this problem and come up with solutions. This week we will have our first advisor meeting and the next step will be for our group to meet with our sponsor from St. Luke’s and do some research to better understand the problem. I will keep updating on the progress of the project!!


Here is our project description!!


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