Welcome Back

It is that time of year again when classes begin and students start to get into the swing of things. You are trying to figure out the best way to study for a class and turning your empty agenda pages into a book of your semester assignments and meetings. Personally, this time is more hectic than any other time during the semester. You don’t really know your schedule and there are so many assignments thrown in your face all at once. In these days I can’t wait for the weekend so that I can get caught up and organize my life to be the most efficient person I can be. In this post I would like to talk about a few things I do to get organized and utilize my time.

One of the most helpful tools I use is Google Calendar. I put everything in this calendar, and it is great becasue I can pull it up quickly on my phone to check when I am busy and I can share it with other people so that we can be on the same page. I even share it with my mom because she likes to see what I’m up to and then she knows when I am busy, which is helpful because she likes to visit. I also make a calendar that shows professor office hours that I can turn on when I want to see when I can stop in to ask a question. However, like any tool you need to keep up with it and for me the weekend and before I go to bed is the best time to update and check my calendar.

In order to keep track of assignments I use a paper agenda. Personally, I like writing out what things I need to do and it is quick and easy to change if needed. I have not tried an electronic version, but there are to-do list apps that could be helpful. Right when I got my syllabi I added important due dates in and for exams I wrote one week out from the exam date when I should start to study. I find this helpful becasue then I don’t end up cramming in all of my studying a day before the exam. For some classes I even split up the reading into more manageable chunks compared to just writing read chapter 3. This way I can check more things off of my list and see when I am getting behind in the reading.

Also I have many habits that I have developed to keep me organized. On the weekend I write out what I want to get done during the week and when I want to get it done. As I mentioned before I also write out what I have for the next day just to really think about it and prepare by packing my bag and even laying out what I am wearing the next day. This helps me start with a productive morning and I have never forgotten an assignment at home. I also then have time in the morning to read the news or meditate in order to really wake-up and conquer the day.

Hope your semester can be a productive one!


Here is a picture of what my week looked like.



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