Alumni Spotlight: Justin Mendelson

Freshman year I was able to intern for a Lehigh Alum, Justin Mendelson. At the time he was preparing for the launch of his exercise mat PerfectBurpee on Kickstarter. My job included helping to market the mat, and I was able to gain insight into the world of entrepreneurship. I also learned a lot about following your passion and communicating effectively. I truly think Justin is an example of where a Lehigh education can lead you, and more importantly where perseverance and dedication can get you.

Justin graduated from Lehigh University with a B.S. in Bioengineering and a year later with a masters from Lehigh in Management Science & Engineering. He was able to do this with free tuition through the Presidential Scholarship that we have at here Lehigh for students who have a 3.75 GPA or higher. Justin founded his first company, a product consulting firm, at the age of 22 while in graduate school, and is a firm believer in the principle that fitness, wellness, and entrepreneurial purpose are catalysts not just for innovation, but for a happier life. He is the founder of Perfect Burpee, which I mentioned above as well as Hackfit. Hackfit is a weekend long hackathon program lasting about 36 hours. Entrepreneurs get the chance to create health, fitness, and sport technologies. Hackfitters not only bond through dynamic exercise challenges, but create functional apps, websites, and hardware devices. He was later able to sell this idea and embark on more health related projects. He has been featured in the Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, ReadWrite, and several blogs. Justin’s hobbies include running, adventuring outdoors, and he just completed his first IRONMAN 70.3.  I have truly never met someone with so much energy and knowledge.thumb_unnamed

Justin is an example of the endless possibilities for Lehigh students after graduation. He took his passion and made it into his job. So as students start thinking of the future just remember that just because you have a Bioengineering degree does not mean that you are limited to working at a Pharmaceutical company or doing research in a lab. It is difficult to see the possibilities, but there is potential for anything. So after college you get a stable job at a company, but don’t forget about your passions and you dreams.


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