BIOE 341 All you Need to Know

BIOE 341 is a Biotechnology class taught by Professor Hsu, and for bioengineers on the biopharmaceutical track it is required as a prerequisite to BIOE 343, which is a requirement to earn a degree. This class is interesting because it combines chemical engineering, biological processes, and programming into one class. Professor Hsu is very knowledgable about the industry from countless experience in different biopharmaceutical companies. Each lecture is highly packed with information and we even looked at industry standards. For bioengineers trying to decide what technical electives to take I would highly recommend this class. It honestly takes so many components that we learn and brings them all together. It gives you a very good idea of problems that you will be solving in actual industry. The key to understanding and getting a decent grade in this class is coming to lecture and putting in the effort on the homework. It isn’t a ton of work outside of class, but the homework counts toward a majority of your grade. Additionally, there is a take home midterm and final. I think the key to this class is going to be asking questions early on and going to office hours. Now you have everything you need to know about BIOE 341!! Have an amazing pacing break everyone!!!biotechnology1_1


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