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It is that time of year again when undergraduates start seeking opportunities for the summer. When you really think about it, this just seems crazy, but to really find the right opportunity you have to start looking now or you wind up in the Spring semester with no plans for the summer and are scrambling to get anything at all, which is just a terrible feeling. I have already begun my search and have come across some amazing resources that are not your typical outlets like LUCIE. I think the problem sometimes with LUCIE is that it is very limited and a summer internship should be related to your field of interest not just something to add to your resume. An internship is also about figuring out what you like or dislike. An internship could lead to a job offer so it is vital to research the best fit for you.


One of the greatest resources I have found to date is it has all of the biopharmaceutical companies listed out by region. It is a great way to get a list of companies that could have different opportunities available. For someone who does not live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey this is perfect to find internships closer to home. It also lists a lot of smaller biopharmaceutical companies that could be overlooked in your search.


Another great source is LinkedIn. It is more common now to reach out to alumni using LinkedIn to ask about opportunities at the company they work at. Most of the time alumni are looking to help and if not they may be able to offer advice and put you in touch with someone that can help you find an internship.


Also if you are not as interested in an internship many professors on campus offer research opportunities over the summer and many of them offer a stipend. This could be a great opportunity if you are considering graduate school for a number of reasons. It gives you a connection at Lehigh for a potential recommendation letter and it gives you research experience.


Happy internship hunting and remember to never get discouraged the right opportunity is right around the corner.




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