BIOE 001 as a Junior

Initially I was frustrated that I had to take BIOE 001 as a Junior because the way I saw it I had already taken an introductory course in general engineering so why would I need to take this class? For those of you who do not know I changed majors my sophomore year from Industrial Engineering to Bioengineering. This means that I have to take BIOE 001, which is a different introductory course specifically designed for Bioengineering majors. Despite having to take this class, I decided to stay positive. I went into this semester thinking that if anything I could use this class to boost my GPA a bit. However, only after a few classes I now realize its importance. First of all it is a great way to get introduced to the different research that professors are doing around campus. Today we heard from Professor Chow and she discussed the biomaterials aspect of bioengineering. She also excitedly reported that just that day they had made an exciting discovery on the scaffolding they had designed just in time for the BMES conference this Saturday. The week previous we heard from Professor Zhou and about his work using light waves to control the heartbeat of a developing fly. I know so cool!!!! To say the least I always leave this lecture in awe of what is accomplished around campus, and am amazed that it is rarely talked about.  research_image

Additionally, through this class I am able to really think about what interests me in Bioengineering. These past two lectures have been my favorites, and I hope to be able to do research in one of their labs next semester. The possibilities with a Bioengineering degree are definitely endless, and I truly look forward to this class every Monday. So going forward I will never judge a class before I take it and every class truly has a purpose in furthering our education at Lehigh so always put in 110%.


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