BMES Healthcare Industry Alumni Panel

On Tuesday, May 3rd the Biomedical Engineering Society hosted an alumni panel. The panel consisted of six recent graduates who work in areas like consulting, bioengineering, and marketing, and who have successful careers in the healthcare industry. The members on the panel included Ardelle Persand, Andrew Scheirer, Andrew Sgarlato, Karleigh Blum, Alessandra DiNardo, and Andrew Flintrop.


Ardelle Persand ’14

Ardelle Persand graduated in 2014, and currently works at a large vaccine pharmaceutical company, Sanofi Pasteur, in the Poconos Mountains. She has worked for the company for two years now and has worked on projects for influenza and Yellow fever vaccines.

Andrew Scheirer graduated in 2012 and currently works in the

Andrew S.

Andrew Scheirer ’12

research and development sector of CytoSorbents, which is a critical care medical device company.

Karleigh Blum graduated in 2015 and currently works at Axtria as a consultant to multiple life science companies. She helps them solve problems, optimize business processes, and make decisions.

Alessandra DiNardo graduated in 2013 and currently works with The Linde Group where she gets to explore business strategy and engineering.


Andrew Sgarlato ’13

Andrew Sgarlato graduated in 2013 and currently supports the Multi-Channel Marketing Practice of IMS Health, assisting pharmaceutical companies with execution, operations, and strategy in their marketing campaigns.

Andrew Flintrop graduated in 2012 and he currently works for Depuy Synthes Trauma, in their Intermedullary nail division.


All of the panelists were really involved at Lehigh and they all graduated from the bioengineering department. Also they all agreed that Lehigh prepared them really well for their jobs, especially in terms of creative thinking and knowledge base. It was also interesting to hear that a majority of them got their jobs through Lucy. I know as an undergrad it doesn’t seem like Lucy would be that helpful in finding a job because we are not really exposed to it, but it seems to be a really important and useful tool in finding a job after graduation. Additionally, the panel mentioned the importance of the Integrated Product Development class. One panelist said that her interviewers were really impressed by the program and Andrew Flintrop actually got his first job through his IPD project. As a rising Junior I am definitely looking forward to next Spring when I get to take that class. The panel also offered a lot of advise on the job application process. One of the biggest things they mentioned is that you should not get disheartened if it doesn’t work out. They said everyone ends up where they are supposed to be and that you just have to remain persistent. They also stressed the importance of networking and reaching out to Alumni.They even went as far to say that it is a good thing if people see that you are looking at their Linkedin profile, it means you made the effort to get to know them and learn about what they do.BMES Alumni Career panel (1) When asked where they see themselves in 5 years many of them wanted to be in charge of their own project or managing a project. It was interesting to talk to recent graduates and I really appreciated their insight into the world after college. I think one of the things people don’t talk about is that it is difficult to get a job and that the first years may not be the most glamourous. You can’t just walk out of Lehigh and say to companies, who wants me? You really need to make an effort and make yourself known.



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