Lehigh in Bermuda

This summer I will be participating in a Lehigh Study Abroad Program in Bermuda. It is a faculty-led program that bears 4 credits in natural sciences. The program takes place at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and our cohort will be taking a class on ocean health and how it relates to human health. The BIOS institute is world renowned especially since the data they collected is the reason we were able to determine that the PH levels in the ocean are rising. They have been collecting data for years now on the health of the ocean and the research we will be helping with is looking at how the regeneration properties of the sea urchin can be used to cure cancer. On top of taking classes we will be snorkeling around Bermuda collecting samples and taking in the coral reefs. Lecture topics include fish identification, sustainability, and ocean health. Below is our schedule!! Who knew that a schedule could get me so excited!!!!Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.15.09 PM I can’t wait for for this amazing experience and I hope to bring a lot of what I learn to my Bioengineering classes. I think one of the biggest things I will learn is that things in nature can be used to solve bioengineering problems. I heard recently that they were able to mimic mussels to create a surgical glue. The possibilities are endless, and I will definitely keep you updated on my experience.



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