Finding Research Opportunities

Research is a huge part of the learning experience at Lehigh, and I think sometimes that it goes unnoticed. We are surrounded by professors doing amazing and interesting work, and not many students think to ask their professors about what they are working on. If you are interested in assisting in research, which I would highly recommend, there are a couple of different things that you can do. For one you can email your advisor and ask if they know of any professors looking for lab assistants. These positions can fill up quickly so it is important to contact the professor, whose research interests you to schedule a meeting and to get an interview. Also if you are currently in a class and you really like the professor teaching the class then you should approach them and ask them about the research that they do on campus. This is a great way to garner a relationship with your professors, and it could lead to a lab assistant position. You never know when you will need a recommendation from a professor, so getting to know your professors is extremely important. A professor can’t write a stellar

recommendation if they don’t know you. Another way to find a research opportunity would be to google a field that your interested in and make sure to include Lehigh in your search. You would be surprised at what you could find. For example, I am interested in neuroscience research so I googled “neuroscience research Lehigh”, and found a couple of professors working on some interesting topics like brain injuries and sensory neuron studies. The possibilities are endless you just have to be active in your quest to find the perfect research opportunity. Here is an example of an email I sent a professor recently if your curious about how to ask: Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.40.03 PM


I am actually meeting with this professor today, so wish me luck that I get to work in his lab next semester!!

Check out this video about Research at Lehigh.


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