Undergraduate Research Symposium

On Wednesday, March 30th nearly all of Lehigh’s undergraduate researchers gathered in STEPS to talk about all the work that they have been doing for the last year.

I was lucky to stop by and see some of my friends who have been working tirelessly in their respective labs to try and solve some incredibly interesting scientific questions. One of my friends, Jen Angelo, a senior in bioengineering has been working under professor Jedlicka in the Material Science Department and Bioengineering program. Under her, Jen has been researching cytoskeletal mechanics during differentiation. What this means is she has been studying the structures of stem cells as they are transformed into other cells (see the figure below for the different types of cells that stem cells can differentiate into!)

images (1)

Jen says there haven’t been any concrete results from her study yet, but her methods were detailed and outlined on her poster, which you can see below.


Make sure that you check out Lehigh’s instagram lehighengineers for other cool pictures and info from the event!


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