Finishing up Capstone Design

Last time you heard from me about Lehigh’s Integrated Product Design class I was just finishing up with midterms and presenting some of our first prototypes for our sponsored project with Aesculap. (Psst you can check that post out here for some more project background).

Now that the semester is over, I can honestly say that Lehigh’s capstone design class is one of the things that has prepared me most as I begin looking to find a future outside of Lehigh. Not only was I tasked with working with the same team for an entire year but I was also forced out of my comfort zone to design and plan for things that just a calculus or English class simply cannot prepare you for.

Below is what we eventually ended up designing for Aesculap…



This is a picture of our final graphical summary, which goes through and outlines most of the topics we hit on during the presentation, including our project background, our proposed prototype, material testing, our financial analysis, and where we see this project going.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a full working prototype but we were able to have most of the pieces functioning independently. You may have even noticed that our prototype changed a lot between the midterm and our final presentation. Mostly that was because we were able to sit down and actually take the time to refine our design to make it so that things actually worked and were safer or easier to use. This is why it’s so important if you’re interested in taking a capstone design project or you happen to be working on a project that requires prototypes it is important to start designing early.

Now that IPD is over I get to work as a Senior Peer Mentor for upcoming teams so that hopefully I can help them avoid some of the mistakes that my team made. It’s also going to be great to be exposed to how other teams work and what kind of new technology is out there so I can hopefully have more things to talk about in job interviews (!!!).


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