Mid Atlantic Graduate Fair

As my time with Lehigh rapidly approaches its end, I tend to get blasted a lot with the question What comes after? For me, I’ve decided to go with the approach where I just apply to as many things as possible – grad schools, jobs, anything – and see what sticks.

The process for finding grad schools is similar to finding an undergraduate college in a lot of ways – there are opportunities to meet the admissions offices, applications, application fees, and essay questions. However unlike undergraduate education, there is not always a lot of information about a program on a universities websites. That is why any opportunities to meet with a program face-to-face are absolutely crucial. Not only do you get immediate answers to your questions but it also gives the schools an opportunity to put a face to your name when they see your application.

This weekend I traveled to the University of Delaware to present a poster on my research and network with some of the graduate schools in the area. Even though they claimed the event was thrown together in the last few moments – I thought it was a great success! Some other universities that were there were Rutgers, Johns Hopkins, Drexel, City College of New York, Rowan University, University of Maryland, University of Delaware, and Lehigh. I was able to get some information from programs I hadn’t really thought too much about applying for and was able to connect with some departments I was truly passionate about. It was also a chance to get to talk with some other bioengineers from outside of Lehigh.

While my experiences at the fair were entirely positive, my experiences trying to get my poster printed were less than ideal. After spending an hour figuring out how to change the resolution of an exported power point slide (here’s the link for anyone who’s curious….) I spent another chunk of time figuring out how to find the “same day pick up” option on Staples website. But, at the end of it all I ended up extremely pleased with how the print turned out (even if I did have some technical difficulties in the process).




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