Gaining an Insight into Lehigh’s Bioengineering Graduate Program

As an upper-class undergraduate student here at Lehigh, it’s easy to get immersed into your own schedule; from lectures to labs, from club meetings to quick dinners, etc. it’s hard to stay in the loop of what’s going on. I recently discovered that, although I knew how small the undergraduate Bioengineering program was, I did not expect the graduate program to be even smaller in number. This got me thinking that if it was hard for me to stay connected to a lot of things at Lehigh, it must be even harder for grad students to keep in touch. And to add to that, since the bio-e grad students are few in numbers, I figured it was also easy for a lot of their hard work and talent to go unnoticed. Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with two Bio-e grad students and get a rundown of their busy and demanding work schedules. What was supposed to have been a quick 30 minute interview session each turned into almost a two-hour session..

Although both of the students I interviewed came from different undergraduate backgrounds, their PhD work was all geared towards Bioengineering. The first student I interviewed was Christopher Uhl, a 3rd year PhD student focusing much of his work on micro fluids and modeling human vasculature. The second student I interviewed was Yu Song, a 5th year PhD student whose work led to the development and improvement of bio sensors. Each of these students spent countless of hours working on several projects in labs and for one of them, part of his time was also dedicated towards managing an undergraduate lab as a TA for one of the Bioengineering professors. Although each had different projects and interests, what I gathered from the two was their interest in Lehigh’s graduate Bio-E program due to the diversity in faculty in terms of engineering backgrounds. This allowed for both of them to venture into different fields that would allow them to further their research work.

After talking to each of them for almost two hours, I learned a great deal in terms of the grad program at Lehigh as well as material from their work. To begin to describe their experiences would take too long to talk about in one blog post so I have decided to split up each of their interviews into two and truly allow for their extensive work to get recognized. Whether you’re an undergraduate student or a grad student, it is important to recognize just how much work it takes to succeed as a grad students and these students are clear examples of that. So stick around my fellow readers and be on the lookout for the next posts!


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