Organic Chemistry

Ever wondered what it’s like to have your worst nightmare come true? Like in a horror film where all protagonists have to deal with some scary evil? Well that’s how I felt Monday afternoon when I was taking my 4 o’clock exam for organic chemistry. Except there was no happy ending… just a sinking feeling that I chose Answer B when instead it should have been Answer C for Question 13 AND I drew a molecule in the opposite direction for Question 3.

And although general chemistry has never been a strong subject of mine, with organic chemistry, I have come to develop a love-hate kind of relationship with the subject. Cis and trans isomers, chair conformations, alkanes and alkenes…. it’s all mumbo jumbo at first, but once I start reading the text, what the professor mentioned in class Monday morning starts making sense. This class is a slow work in progress for me and I know that it’s going to be tough to learn everything throughout the semester, but as long as I understand what’s going on now, I should be ok. I can see that I have to put in more effort, but for now, it’s time I put more effort into my other classes since I have three other 4 o’clock exams coming up. The only thing that is keeping me going so far is this joke and the thought that someone, somewhere out there in a pharmaceutical industry, is developing pain-killers and synthesizing other drugs by using their organic chemistry knowledge. It’s a crazy thought but it’s happening!

organic chem joke


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