Cell Video

Over the years I’ve taken a lot of different Biology courses and in many of them I’ve watched the same animated video of a cell. The first time was in my high school AP Biology class where we would ask the teacher to watch it at least every other week. When I got to Lehigh and started my first college Biology class the professor played the exact same video and a lot of my other bio classes since have also shown it or clips from it.The Inner Life of the Cell

It’s called “The Inner Life of the Cell” and was made by a company called XVIVO for Harvard University’s BioVisions. Basically its a really cool video, even if you don’t know whats going on in it, that shows different mechanisms inside the cell that allow a white blood cell to sense and respond to changes in its surroundings. It has cool animations with beautiful background music. In high school, that pretty much why we wanted to watch it, but as I’ve gone through more Biology classes I’ve learned more about what the video actually shows. We watched a clip recently in my Cell Biology class after we learned about how microtubules ( a protein structure inside the cell that helps support it and give it its shape) assemble. That’s this part:

Microtubules in The Inner Life of the CellLater, when I rewatched the video, I realized that I actually understand a lot about what’s going on in the video now. I can appreciate it for the science that it rather than just the interesting visuals and nice music.


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