S’mores and Aliens

Lehigh University Joshua Pepper

Joshua Pepper

On Tuesday night, the Gryphons (Lehigh’s version of RAs) for Campus Square (the on campus apartments I’m living in) hosted the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Under the Stars. An astronomy professor, Dr Joshua Pepper, came to talk to us about his work in looking for planets that could support life while we made s’mores. Every so often the Gryphons organize these kinds of events so that you get a chance to get together with the people living in your building and get more involved in the community. They also usually have free food.

It was interesting to learn about something completely different that’s going on at Lehigh that I probably never would have heard about otherwise. We talked about how they look for planets that are Earth-like and could therefore support life of the kind that we’re used to. These are planets that we won’t be able to reach in the foreseeable future, but with telescopes we can learn more about them and if life could exist there. It was a nice change of pace, especially during exam time.


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