Rossin Junior Fellows

The Rossin Junior Fellows (RJFs) are a group that you hear about as a first-year or prospective engineering student at Lehigh. Basically they are a group of students, with a few from each of the engineering majors, that work in community outreach, mentoring of peers (particularly first years), and recruiting prospective students. I became an RJF at the end of my Sophomore year and have been at a few different events since then.

Some of the activities that I have done as an RJF are the Explore the Majors fair (to help first-years figure out which engineering major they want to declare) and Open House for Bioengineering so that prospective students could hear from current BioEs about what the Lehigh program is like.

Last Friday I helped out at Broughal Engineering Day: a program the RJFs put on every year to bring a class of 8th graders from Broughal Middle School, which is right next to our campus, to Lehigh to do fun, engineering related competitions. They were divided into teams of four and worked on three competitions: building boats out of aluminum foil and pipe cleaners to see which one could hold the most pennies before sinking, building the longest bridge that could support a small weight made out of only dried spaghetti, toothpicks, marshmallows, and tape, and answering trivia. My team didn’t win, but they had a lot of fun with the competitions and got to see how exciting engineering can be.


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