Integrated Product Development

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IPD is a capstone program that all bioengineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, and supply chain management majors have to complete as part of their degree. Each student gets assigned to a project with 4 or 5 other students to work on in the Spring of the Junior year and the Fall of their Senior year (although Supply Chain majors are only required to take the first semester). Each project has an industry sponsor who has some idea for a product, process, or improvement that they want the group of students to work on. Through the course of the project you work together to come up with a concept that will address the problems that the sponsor has and then develop it by looking at the customer needs, the manufacturing, and the financials, among other factors.

Its a long and difficult process and there are always challenges that come up, but IPD offers a unique experience to work with a group to learn about and try to solve a real problem. By project is working on developing a device that can disinfect the valve on IV sets using ultraviolet (UV) light for B Braun. When we started working on this project, none of us really knew much about the disinfection of IV valve or how UV light could be used, but we have learned a lot over the course of the project, both about IV disinfection and how to go about engineering a solution.

Since we’re working with a company all of our work is confidential, but if you want to learn more about the IPD process leave a comment or check out the IPD website


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