Senior Year Schedule

This semester I’m starting my fourth and final year here at Lehigh, which is both exciting and a little terrifying. With a new semester comes new classes, and since I’m a Senior I had a lot more flexibility in my schedule for this semester so most of my classes are electives. This is what my schedule looks like for the semester:Fall2014SchedAll Bioengineers are required to take a class called Integrated Product Development (IPD) as a capstone project the second semester of their Junior year and the first semester of their Senior year. I’ll give a more in depth post about IPD soon, but its basically a yearlong group project where you work with other engineering students on a company sponsored project to develop a product. This (ENGR 212) is really the only class that I was required to take this semester. I’m planning on graduating after this semester so I’m taking Ethics (PHIL 105) this semester rather than the normal Bioengineering Ethics which is only offered in the Spring.

My other classes are electives: Cell Biology (BIOS 367), where we learn more specifically about the mechanisms inside the cell, and Inorganic Biomaterials (BIOE 325), where we learn about the use and selection of metals and ceramics in medical devices, are both Bioengineering electives. You are required to take 12 credits in approved bioengineering related electives, but have the freedom to choose those that interest you. I’m also taking Politics of Science (STS 124) just because it sounded like an interesting and relevant class that I could take because I had extra room in my schedule.

If you want more information about the requirements for the different Bioengineering degrees offered at Lehigh check out the program page.



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