2018 acceptance letters

I found out that acceptance packets went out for the Lehigh class of 2018 went out earlier this week. I got really nostalgic at first and thought about how excited I was when I got my acceptance letter – it was like I finally felt like I was an adult and I was moving on to bigger and better things in the world. Then it hit me how that letter came to me two years ago and yet it feels like it was just the other month. 

I think I’m starting to understand what my mom was always telling me that the older you get the faster time seems to go. Already, I’m almost half way through my undergraduate career. It’s so easy to think that it hasn’t been that much time and I still have so much to learn and do. While that is true, if I actually go and think back, I have learned more about studies and life that I ever thought could be possible in two years. 

My high school was pretty much a bubble, where I thought that all I had to do was get good grades, do some extra curricular activities, and that was it. While Lehigh could definitely be argued to be its own little bubble, the amount of opportunities to learn and explore yourself and the world around you are infinite. This summer, I will be participating in research for the first time — half way across the world no less! at Universiti Teknologi Petronas in Malaysia. I don’t think when I got my acceptance letter that I ever thought I would be capable of embarking on an adventure such as this, and some days I still can’t believe it. But it’s things like this that really make me appreciate how many this school offers its students, and how many more opportunities I will be able to take advantage of! It’s an incredibly exciting, and slightly terrifying, prospect that I can’t wait to explore! 


3 thoughts on “2018 acceptance letters

  1. Hello Emily! My name is Samson Lu, and I’m currently a 3rd year medical student at Lehigh Valley Health Network. LVHN recently partnered with the University of South Florida, so that’s my actual medical school, I’m just doing my 3rd and 4th years here. I received my BS in Bioengineering 3 years ago from the University of Washington, and happened across this wonderful blog and was pleasantly surprised by Lehigh University’s BioE program. If there’s any way I can be of help to those who are interested in the medical field, please let me know! I have contacts and might be able to help out with other engineering activities as well.

    • Hi Samson! Sorry for the late reply to this, it was a long summer and I wasn’t checking the blog too often. Thank you for your comment and I appreciate you for reaching out! I know several bioengineering students potentially interested in pursuing the medical field. I myself have considered working in the medical field but potentially as someone who works with prosthetics/orthotics. If you had any information on that field or potentially a contact in or outside LVHN that I could direct some questions at, that would be wonderful! Thanks again for stopping in and checking out the blog!

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