Bioengineering or Science Fiction?

Whether you’re checking the news or social media, it’s clear that bioengineering advancements have been on the rise over the last few years. From 3-D printing liver and eye cells to robotic arms controlled by your nervous system – some of these advancements seem more and more like something out of an H.G Wells novel than from Science Weekly. 

Something that recently caught my eye while browsing through my Facebook was a National Geographic video about a “skin gun” which used patient’s stem cells to create an instant skin graft for affected areas such as burns. The results from their first patient, showed in the video, were pretty convincing. If the skin gun were to become commercialized, it could revolutionize how we dealt with burn victims or degenerate skin diseases. Here’s the link to the full video

Things like this are why I want to become a bioengineer. I want to be the person who is working on all the cutting-edge, science-fiction esque studies and maybe make something as cool and as helpful like a skin gun. I’m definitely hoping that it will be somewhere in my future! 


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