Let it snow….and snow and snow and snow

When temperature’s peaked at around 48 degrees this Saturday, it was pretty common to see people running around in shorts or students with their room windows open to enjoy the “beautiful weather” – a term that is not normally used when describing temperatures that are just 16 degrees above freezing. But when compared to the brutal, 0-20 degree weather that we have been experiencing the last month and a half, 48 truly does seem like paradise.

It’s very clear that this winter has been a crazy one for anyone living in the Lehigh Valley area – the temperatures have been frigid and the amount of snow that has fallen on Lehigh’s campus can be counted in inches that reach far into the double digits. According to an article that showed up on Lehigh’s portal today, there has been 66.7 total inches of snowfall this year. Let me say that again: 66.7 inches of snow. The average American woman is about 64 inches, and the total snow on Lehigh’s campus could still go over her head.

The article goes on to say that around 1500 tons of salt have been used clear the roadways this year around Lehigh. Assuming my math is right, that’s equivalent to about 200 elephants. That is absolutely insane.

The only good things that have come out of all this snow is that there have been 3 snow days this year, more than I have ever had since high school. Also, all this snow has proved that no matter what, Lehigh’s campus can look gorgeous even in horrendous weather conditions.





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