Why Procrastinating Is an Awful Idea….

This weekend, I learned a valuable lesson about procrastinating: Don’t do it.

Early last week I realized that I had the final portion of a project for Mech due on Monday which I hadn’t begun to start yet. The project was to code a program in Matlab to solve for the displacements and stress in a bar with a decreasing circular radius.


Even though my Matlab skills were pretty rusty – I hadn’t coded in it since first semester freshman year- I figured the project couldn’t be too bad and I could start it Saturday.

At 3am on Monday morning, as I put the final touches on my written report I realized that yes, the project had been that bad. I probably shouldn’t have procrastinated so long.

Despite the long hours in the library this weekend, I was proud of myself for not giving up on this project. Even when my code was printing out all negative number in stead of positive ones and giving me every error under the sun, I was able to work through it and finish with all the right answers. There is no better feeling than working your butt of on something and having it all work out, I’ve decided. The lack of sleep thing, though, was not a great feeling and it means that the next mech project will not be something I start two days before it is due.

29 hours in the library later, I realized that


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