Electromyography Lab

So far, all of the labs I have ever encountered in high school and college have been nothing more than proving laws that already exist or showing us how to do a specific experiment, such as a general titration or how to hook up a circuit to measure resistance. Sure, these labs are important, but I have never found them to be too thrilling or exciting.

But this year in bioengineering 210 we will be using machines to calculate different physiological processes. Maybe it’s just because I love my major, but I think that hooking up electrodes to your lab partner’s arms to measure the electrical pulses in their muscles is really, really cool. I got to see the relationships between how hard I can clench my arm to how much electrical signal is produced and compare the results between my dominant arm and non-dominant arm. Then, in this week’s lab, we observed how after fatigue affects the muscles after you hold something for a long period of time.


The results looked something like this:



You can clearly see where the muscles started to lose their energy after keeping the reader clenched for a long time. All in all, a very cool lab and I can’t wait to see what else there is in store!


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