Artificial Organs

I talked a bit before about how we learned about artificial organs in class a few weeks ago, but I recently stumbled across an article that made me appreciate just how relevant my studies, and specifically my bioengineering class, are to the present day research field.

The article briefly talks about how a 3D printer has been used to create a liver which can survive up to 40 days! Now, because the article didn’t go into too much depth I asked my professor about how creating a liver with a printer was even feasible. She explained that the printer would be used to create a sort of scaffold for the stem cells to adhere and grow on to create a liver-shape.

With all the news and talk about 3D printers being able to mass produce everything from guns to happy meals, I am extremely excited and curious to see how they will continue to permeate all areas of production in the United States, especially now the biomedical field. Who knows, maybe there will be a day where cells can be mass produced with the push of a button, but for now, the fact that these pieces of technology can be used in such an advanced way truly blows my mind. Truly can’t wait to see what the future might hold out there!


One thought on “Artificial Organs

  1. I’m in love with the prospect of artificial limbs and organs. I’m hoping my work as a developmental biologist can translate into a career working on such awesome machines. Best wishes with your studies!

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