Meet Harold

I’ve noticed that as a student in engineering, it is really easy to lose yourself in a landslide of science and math classes. That would make sense because, after all, without those fundamentals in those two key areas you would certainly not be competent in your field. However, as an engineer, there comes a time when you need to step outside the boundaries of the traditional classroom and really begin to think about things from different, yet practical, perspectives.

Back in high school I was a huge supporter for the arts. On top of any AP math and science classes I was taking, I was sure to always make room in my schedule for an art or music class. Being able to think with your left brain as well as your right brain is another fundamental step to becoming not just an average engineer, but a great one. While I have been able to still enjoy drawing and painting as a hobby outside of the classroom, I really missed being able to sit down in an art studio and just take a break from all the math and just be a bit more creative and hands-on in my learning. This is why this semester I decided to take a 3D design class.

After being introduced to all the machinery in the woodshop, we were given a class period (about two and a half hours) to make a fish from a single block of wood. I mentioned this before, but when it comes to art I’m usually more of a sketcher than a sculptor, so being surrounded by heavy, spinning blades and figuring out how to think in that third dimension was definitely a new and exciting frontier for me.

So after those two and a half hours of sawing, drilling, and sculpting I was able to go from this:


….to this!


Meet Harold the fish, who, as the wood-shop overseer commented “looks like he’s been through the war”. I think I went a little overboard on the detailing with the drills….Oh well! It’s still something pretty cool that I’m proud to have made.


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