4 o’clock exam at 7am

Here at Lehigh, a class offered at 7:55 means lots of complaining and lots of coffee. Way back when in April/March when we were starting to figure out our fall semester schedules, I was planning on looking forward to no classes before 9am. Unfortunately, the only section for BioE 110, the first mandatory introductory class specific to the major, was only offered at the brisk morning hour of 7:55. While this is handy because it was assured not to interfere with any other classes I might be taking, I haven’t been known for being particularly attentive that early in the morning. After almost a month of classes, however, I seem to be somewhat adjusting to the early class time. That was, however, until the day of our test came.

My test this morning was at 7am.

I can’t remember the last time I was awake at 6am. It probably hasn’t been since high school. I found myself strangely awake this morning as I read through my study guides one last time and made myself a very large cup of pumpkin coffee (fall=prime coffee months). And as it turns out, waking up early for the class ended up being a huge benefit to me and nearly every one in the class.

The test was designed to be an hour long, but for most of the class and myself it took quite a bit longer than that. I spent some definite time hemming and hawing over how to piece together amino acids and remember what exactly made parts of an R group polar…definitely things I should have spent more time studying.

All in all, though, my first test for my sophomore year didn’t go horrendously (I hope at least…guess we’ll find out when I get the grades back). Also, to my surprise, I might be becoming more of a morning person than I thought I was. As long as there is pumpkin coffee involved, that is.


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