Scheduling Next Semester


This week is the beginning of registration for next semester. I am a sophomore, but with the credits that I received from taking AP courses in high school I am classified as a Senior and register as a Junior on Friday. As an engineer it isn’t too hard to figure out what classes to take, and you don’t have to worry too much about classes conflicting as they will most likely create a new section if such a conflict arises between two required classes. The bioengineering program website lists the typical courses that are taken each semester for each track. That means that I just have to look up the courses I should be taking and adjust my schedule as necessary. Next semester I plan on taking Bio Core II: Genetics (BIOS 115) with the lab (BIOS 116), Organic Chemistry I (CHM 110) with the lab (CHM 111), Biomechanics (BIOE 120) with the lab (BIOE121), Probability and Statistic (MATH 231) and Regulatory Affairs (BIOE 225). The only change from the typical schedule on the website is that I am taking Statistics instead of Strength of Materials (MECH 12), which I am taking this semester. It looks like I will have a pretty busy semester next Fall with three labs. I will also be taking my first night class (Regulatory Affairs from 7-10 pm on Thursdays), but it is only for the first 6 weeks of the semester and is supposed to be an interesting class. With class until 4 every day of the week  the one nice aspect of my schedule for next year is that it will be the first time that I haven’t had a class before 9 am. With registration coming up on Friday, I’m looking forward to a busy but interest semester in the Fall.


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