Unexpected Results

bsubtilis and ecoli

LB medium with B. Subtilis and E. Coli (from left to right)

Two weeks ago, I had begun working on a lab with two other lab-mates about extremophiles. We were trying to prove whether a certain strain of bacteria could be classified as an extremophile or not. To do this, we had grown the strain of bacteria we were testing, B. Subtilis as well as a neutrophile bacteria, E. coli, in different pH’s of hydrochloric acid.

Last Thursday, we did our dilutions of both types of bacteria and grew them in the appropriate mix of HCl and Lysogeny Broth, or LB, growth medium. This morning, one of my lab partners and I came in to check on how our bacteria has been growing and we were baffled by our results. The tubes containing the supposedly extremophile bacteria B. subtilis was practically clear, while the tubes containing E.coli were densely clouded, indicating extreme growth rate! The B. Subtilis bacteria we had initially assumed would be hardy turned out to call it quits long before the E. Coli bacteria, which we assumed would die immediately.

This Thursday we are going to be testing another, weaker pH to see if we can get B. Subtilis to grow in a less acidic environment. We pretty much have proof for our hypothesis, but it’s always important to be consistent!

Til next time xoxo


One thought on “Unexpected Results

  1. I am extremely interested in this experiment but am somewhat concerned to read about the testing of E.coli and how it is growing!

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