Last Bioengineering Lab before Spring Break

Last week I had my last BioE lab until after spring break. We have our midterm next week so there was no lab this week and no lab again next week. For the lab last week we had to record an electrocardiogram (also known as an EKG) and analyze how it cEinthoven's Trianglehanged during different activities. To do this we attached electrodes to one of the people in my group in what is called Einthoven’s Triangle. This consists of one electrode on the inside of each wrist and on each ankle.

The changes in voltage detected by these electrodes corresponds to the electrical activity of the heart at any given moment. Using these electrodes we were able to track the activity of the heart while sitting, just after exercising, and while breathing deeply. This is what we recorded:EKG

Our data may be a little difficult to see in this form because it was recorded for over two minutes, but we were able to see how the heart beat more rapidly just after exercise (the middle section) as compared to the slow steady rate at the beginning while sitting.

Here is what it should look like zoomed in:EKG

This was an interesting lab since we learned about EKGs last semester, both how they are performed and how they can be analyzed to detect abnormalities and disease in the heart.


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