First Round of Four o’clocks

For those of you who don’t know, Lehigh has what are called four o’clocks instead of midterms for many classes. These are one hour tests that occur twice a semester at 4 pm. This week was the end of the first set of four o’clocks with the second set scheduled for the beginning of April. Now that I am a second semester sophomore I don’t have many four o’clocks. To qualify for a four o’clock the class has to have more than one lecture meaning that I only have one official four o’clock (Mech 12). For the rest of my classes there is a lot of variation in test scheduling depending on the professor. Two of my classes, Engineering Physiology and Materials Science, have one midterm. For my Thermodynamics class we have two tests scheduled around the same time as four o’clocks, but during the normal class time instead of at 4. Finally, for my Chemistry class we have three exams spread out over the semester. This basically means that all of my tests are spread out instead of clumped together and I pretty much always have a test to study for. I just finished my first chunk of exams with Chemistry last week and Thermo and Mech this week, but in two weeks I have two more tests in Engineering Physiology and Chemistry.


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