Noam Chomsky Lecture

This Tuesday, ImageNoam Chomsky came to Lehigh to give a lecture on the prospect of peace in the Middle East. Since this semester I am only taking science and engineering classes, I’ve been missing more of the humanities side, so I decided to go even though I had a lot of homework. Noam Chomsky is a very well known intellectual and political activist and it was very interesting to hear him talk about how the actions of the US are really preventing any true progress towards peace. I arrived to the lecture right on time, but the auditorium was already packed with fellow Lehigh students as well as people from the nearby area. I ran into one of my roommates while I was standing in the back and we went around and found a place to sit on the floor in the front. It was great to hear what Professor Chomsky had to say and get to learn more about some of the political issues tImagehat I haven’t had time for. I’m also planning on going to see Madeleine Albright, the first US Secretary of State, who is coming to Lehigh next Tuesday to give a lecture is the Kenner series on Cultural Understanding and Tolerance. Its nice to get a chance, through these lectures, to hear from some very interesting people about important topics in the humanities to balance out all of the science and engineering.


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