Start of the Spring Semester

Yesterday was my first day back for classes after Winter Break. It was nice to have about a month off to go home and relax, but now its time to get back to work. This semester I am taking the maximum number of credits (18), which is a lot of classes. I’m taking Chemistry II with a lab (CHM 031), Strength of Materials (MECH 012), Engineering Materials and Processes (MAT 033), Introduction to Engineering Physiology (BIOE 210), Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams (MAT 205), and Bioengineering Research Proposal (BIOE 020). This is my first semester of having only engineering classes with no humanities. I usually try to take one humanities class a semester to have a change of pace from the math, science, and engineering classes, but I couldn’t fit any in my schedule this semester.
So far my classes all seem interesting and my professors seem to be pretty enthusiastic. It should be a good, probably difficult semester, but I’m excited to get more involved in my major.


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