Last Week of Classes

There is only one more day left of classes for this semester. Yesterday I had my lab final for Physics 2. For physics labs, the last lab is sort of like a final, instead of working with a partner, like in all the other labs, you have to complete the lab by yourself and in half the time. You randomly select which lab you have to do, each one is a part of a lab that you did earlier in the semester and you are only allowed your lab notebook. It seems really daunting at first, but both times I’ve had to do a physics final lab I ended up realizing that I knew exactly what to do and finishing early.

In addition to my lab final I also have my Physics class final next Thursday and a Mechanics final next Sunday. My International Political Economy class has a final paper instead of an exam that will be due Friday and my Bioengineering class has a take-home test instead, which will also be due on Friday. I have a lot of work and studying ahead of me, but I’m also looking forward to going home for Winter Break in less than two weeks.


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