Lunch With My Professor

So I just got out of lunch with my economics professor, Professor Gunter. It was me plus 8 other students at the UC 3rd floor faculty dining hall, all paid for by the Dean of Students. The participants for the lunch are chosen randomly by Professor Gunter so I didn’t really do anything special, just showed up for class. He had originally called another student’s name but she said she could not make it. I had went up to him after class to ask him a question and right after he had spoken to the girl he looked at me and asked if he could buy me lunch. In that moment I thought “asking your professor questions really does pay off” and I accepted his offer. The faculty dining hall is similar to the student dining hall as it is also buffet style, but it is a lot nicer and there are waiters and waitresses who bring you drinks and clear the tables. Our conversation at the table mainly consisted of everyone’s thought on the fiscall cliff that is approaching this January and what we would do to prevent it. It was interesting to hear other people’s opinions on the matter and their thoughts inspired ideas of my own. There were 3 seniors dining with us and it was interesting to hear their after-graduation plans and what they thought of the economy and its effect on them. It was one of the most interesting lunches I’ve had at Lehigh so far. I don’t know why other professors don’t offer their students lunch. I feel like it’s a great way for students and professors to connect, especially those in huge lectures that are 100+ students. I hope I can have lunch like this with my other professors in the future. Although, lunch isn’t the only way you can connect with your professors. Going to your professor’s office hours and even going up to them after class can forge a deeper connection. To your professor, you’ll become more than just a name with a grade attached to it, you’ll become someone they want to see do well and they’ll be more willing to give you those extra few points back or give you an extension on an assignment and when the time comes where you need a recommendation or two from your professors, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Til next time xo

Aydan Aktug


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