Questions Your Family Asks You At Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to go home on Thanksgiving and eat a hearty meal with our families. But going home around this time of year warrants many pesky questions asked by our families such as “So how’s school going?”, “How did your midterms go?”, “Wait, what’s engineering even about?”. And as soon as you start explaining some technical details, they look at you with huge eyes and wave you off saying “Ahhh that stuff is NOT for me!!” and laugh away. It’s a similar response from friends too. I guess engineering stresses some people out. My dad is definitely the most interested in what I’m studying, being an engineer himself (civil). He’s always asking to see my textbooks, my class schedule, and my exam schedules. My mom and sister, on the other hand, are always curious to see how I’m managing my time with school, friends, and extra-curriculars. I’m always telling them about my clubs’ events and other cool stuff that I’ve been doing. My family is the best support system ever and I know I don’t need Thanksgiving to help me realize it, I’m just blessed I get to spend it with them. Hope everyone else is having a good day too.

Til next time xo

Aydan Aktug


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