Second Major? Minor? What to do?

By now, most students have figured out their schedules for the Spring 2013 semester. Many have registered to take the next level of the courses they are currently taking, such as Math 22 now that Math 21 is coming to an end and etc. After figuring this out, however, the question of whether to continue to take the next level of electives comes up. Should you take Eco 029 after taking Eco 1?. It is wise to speak to your adviser and go to him or her with questions. I know of quite a few people that had pretty bad relationships with their advisers, some freshmen never even met their advisers until they became sophomores. These students suffered the most because they had either no idea what to do, or were going crazy running around trying to figure out what to do by themselves. The best way to connect with our adviser is by e-mail. Set up an appointment to meet them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! That is what advisers are for, to answer your questions. If you do decide to take the next level of an elective because you find it particularly interesting, you can consider minoring in that subject, or even double majoring. Double majoring is a big commitment, though and may extend your education time at Lehigh to 5 years instead of the usual 4 years for a Bachelor’s Degree. More information about double majoring can be found at

Til next time xo

Aydan Aktug


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