Calculators; Not Your Best Friend Anymore

As you all have probably figured out, the math department at Lehigh University does not allow calculators. Say good-bye to those days in high school where you could graph everything on your brand new Ti-84 Plus Silver Edition. Now, you have to do the tedious calculations yourself. It is not meant to torture you, but rather, to build your foundations because engineering is built on mathematics. Luckily, the numbers will not be crazy. The multiplication, division, etc can all be done in your head, meaning you won’t be seeing much of decimals until you take a statistics class, in which a calculator is allowed. Many other classes, such as Mech 3 (which I am currently taking), do not allow certain types of calculators. We are not allowed to use anything in Mech 3 other than HP: HP 33s, HP 35s Casio: All FX-115 models Texas Instumentsr: All TI-30X models All TI-36X models. If you use any calculator besides these models, you can be dismissed from the exam and will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action. So always make sure to read the rules your course has for exam-taking and you can avoid any unnecessary conflicts.
Til next time xo

Aydan Aktug


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