Back from Sandy: Tests and Registration

Last week hurricane Sandy caused a lot of power outages and fallen trees oncampus. Classes were canceled and some dorms, including mine, had to be evacuated. I went home on Tuesday and came back to Lehigh this Sunday after a nice week off. Today I have two tests, one of which was rescheduled from last week. I also have another next Wednesday which was also supposed to be last week.
In between studying and homework I have been working on my schedule for next semester. Registration starts next week so we have to figure out which classes to take. For Bioengineering students there is a typical course schedule for each track that lists the courses that are to be taken each semester. This makes registration easier as most of your classes are already planned out. Next semester I’m taking Introduction to Engineering Physiology (BioE 210), Bioengineering Sophomore Seminar (BioE 20), Chemical Equilibria in Aqueous Systems (Chem 31), Engineering Materials and Processes (Mat 33), and Thermodynamics of Macro/Nano-scale Materials (Mat 205). I have already taken the other course scheduled for next semester (Linear Methods) so I’ll probably take either Strength of Materials (Mech 12) or Probability and Statistics (Math 231) as well for a total of 18 credits.


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