As a Freshman Bioengineer

Hey all, my name is Emily and I’m about half way through my first semester as a bioengineer. So far, I have just been getting my basic classes out of the way and haven’t really delved too deep into the whole bioengineering program. The only class right now separating me from the other engineers here at Lehigh is the bioengineering seminar that I take every Friday. It’s pass/fail, there are no tests or quizzes, basically you only have to show up relatively on time and listen to researchers and other professors talk about their work in the bioengineering field. Some of the speakers come in and speak over our heads, as if they think we’re already established engineers in the field and they’re speaking to us at some sort of symposium, but others have been pretty interesting.

This class has just been a way for us to get our feet wet (or more like our big toe wet) in this field of study. I have to take the second half of the seminar next semester but I’m looking forward to taking real bioengineering classes my sophomore year so I can start really getting into my major!



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