Mat 33

Hi everyone!

So I’d like to take this time to go over some classes that Bio-Engineering majors have to take. I am a Bio-Engineering major myself, on the Cellular and Tissue track; the other two tracks are Bio-Pharm and Bio-Electronics. Now in C&T you take a variety of classes, one of them being a materials science and engineering introductory course known as Mat 33. This course is focused on the materials used in engineering and the processes in which they are engineered. The class is almost like Chemistry, but with more of a focus on processing.

Personally, I have never been too much of a chemistry buff. I can get by, but when it comes to science, I prefer to study organisms and things that can be created to make the lives of those organisms better. But either way, Lehigh stresses the importance of students to be well rounded, so I have to take a few classes even if I don’t exactly care for them. However, not caring when it comes to Mat 33 would be an understatement. The class bores me to death, some of my classmates are intrigued and paying attention while others are passed out in the back row seats with drool dripping out of the corners of their mouths.

But, even if you don’t particularly care for the class, it’s still your job as a student to, not only pass the class, but to try and get a decent grade. This would be easier if the class wasn’t so difficult. We took our first and only midterm last Wednesday and it was rough. Even after going to my TA’s office hours and slaving over the practice exams upperclassmen were kind enough to e-mail, I still don’t think I did well. 50 minutes was not enough time and when it was time to collect the tests, no one left their seats because everyone was still scrambling to jot down some last minute answers. We still haven’t gotten our tests back yet, so there’s still an inkling of hope, but I know for sure that I have to step up my game for the final. Mat 33 is set up so that there is one midterm and one final. Each covering about half of the material learned in the class. There’s homework and recitation quizzes that are designed to “save us” in the words of Professor Watanbe. Let’s see if I can be saved.

Til next time xo

Aydan Aktug


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