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BIOE 341 All you Need to Know

BIOE 341 is a Biotechnology class taught by Professor Hsu, and for bioengineers on the biopharmaceutical track it is required as a prerequisite to BIOE 343, which is a requirement to earn a degree. This class is interesting because it combines chemical engineering, biological processes, and programming into one class. Professor Hsu is very knowledgable … Continue reading

Tips and Tricks

It is that time of year again when undergraduates start seeking opportunities for the summer. When you really think about it, this just seems crazy, but to really find the right opportunity you have to start looking now or you wind up in the Spring semester with no plans for the summer and are scrambling … Continue reading

BMES Healthcare Industry Alumni Panel

On Tuesday, May 3rd the Biomedical Engineering Society hosted an alumni panel. The panel consisted of six recent graduates who work in areas like consulting, bioengineering, and marketing, and who have successful careers in the healthcare industry. The members on the panel included Ardelle Persand, Andrew Scheirer, Andrew Sgarlato, Karleigh Blum, Alessandra DiNardo, and Andrew Flintrop. Ardelle … Continue reading

Lehigh in Bermuda

This summer I will be participating in a Lehigh Study Abroad Program in Bermuda. It is a faculty-led program that bears 4 credits in natural sciences. The program takes place at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and our cohort will be taking a class on ocean health and how it relates to human health. … Continue reading