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Office of Fellowship Advising

Today I went to a presentation about different outside scholarships for graduates in research and further education. There were a few scholarships for undergraduate students, but more of them were geared towards students graduating from Lehigh. Many of these scholarships are global and are highly prized like the Fulbright, Churchill, and Marshall Scholarships. The goal of … Continue reading

MCAT Studying

This summer is when I officially decided to take my MCAT, and like any highly driven person I have done countless research on the best way to study. I have also asked people who have taken the exam recently what they thought worked best and what prepared them the most for the exam. A lot … Continue reading

Online Classes

This year I realized that I needed to take more classes over the summer in order to graduate on time and not end up overloading every semester. I was really sad to have to stay over the summer not becasue I don’t love Lehigh, but summer for me is a time to spend with my … Continue reading

Senior Year is Approaching

This morning I officially registered for my second to last semester and it is finally hitting me that I am going to graduate soon! It truly feels like I was just a freshmen yesterday. College feels shorter than high school, maybe it is the constant cycling of classes or the busy schedule, but I was ready … Continue reading

Lehigh Relay for Life

Extracurriculars are a huge part of the college experience, and graduate schools do look at what you have done in your spare time at college. I personally have been very rewarded by my experiences outside of classes in clubs. I have learned so much and really have been able to connect to the campus in … Continue reading

University of Southern Florida

Why am I talking about the University of Southern Florida? It is actually for a really interesting reason! There is a very interesting program set up between the University of Southern Florida and the Lehigh Valley Health Network, which is one of the major hospital networks in the Lehigh Valley area. The program involves studying … Continue reading